3 Reasons to use Digital Advertising for your Small Business

For a long time if you really wanted to get your message out there as a business you’d have to be willing to spend some big bucks to get into a newspaper, on the radio, or onto the television and that would cost you some serious dollars.

Not only is it incredibly expensive (costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars) but you have a hard time telling if the advertising was working.

Sure, big companies like Walmart and McDonalds can pay the big bucks for those kinds of advertisements, but everyone already knows what their business is. Those ads are just there to remind us that their business exists. It doesn’t have to tell us who they are every time. As a small business, you don’t have the luxury of spending money just to remind people that you exist. You aren’t like Walmart or Coca-Cola where people just have to be reminded that you exist for them to buy your products. You have to tell people, not only that you exist every single time you advertise, but also what you do and why that matters to them and that gets really expensive really fast with traditional advertising mediums.

To top it all off mediums like newspaper, radio, and television don’t have any way for you to segment your audience. So you’re just throwing your message out to whoever happens to be reading, listening, or watching and if you are a smaller business with a smaller market that’s not a good way to advertise.

If you sell a very specific product to people 25 to 34 and you write a TV ad, how many the viewers are actually 25 to 34? How many of those people are going to be interested in your product? That equates to thousands of dollars spent on a television commercial, them showing it to x number of people when only 10% of those people will be interested in your products or services.

This is one of the major reasons why digital advertising is such a great opportunity for small businesses. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to not even know if your advertising is working. You can spend $100, even $50, and still see results.

Anyway enough with the broad sweeping comments about digital advertising. We’re here to talk about three specific reasons that make digital advertising SOOOOOOO good for small businesses.

Number one – Digital advertising allows you to clearly track your results.

In other words, there’s no question as to whether investing that $1,000 into digital advertising helped your business. You’ll be able to see actual sales traced back to actual ad campaigns.

There are a couple of different ways that you can track things in the digital advertising world.

One is to place the Facebook and Google tracking codes/pixels on to your website. Then when somebody clicks on your ad and then fills out your contact form, makes a purchase, books an appointment those tracking codes tell Facebook and Google that the people who saw and clicked on your ads are the ones who filled out a form or purchased something.

The second way to track your results is to do something a coupon similar to what you get in the mail. You put out an advertisement, you give people a coupon, they come in they redeem it and you can track those sales back to your ad campaign and know how many sales came in as a result of spending x dollars.

Number two – Digital advertising allows you to test different copy on your ads relatively cheaply

With radio ads, you’d write the message, they’d put it on the air for $1,000 and you’d come out of it saying “that didn’t help grow my business at all”. Then you don’t know what the problem is. You don’t know why it didn’t work. Maybe your customers aren’t listening to the radio? Maybe your customers just aren’t listening to the radio during the time slots your ad was playing so you need to try a different set of time slots? Maybe the ad they were using on the radio wasn’t resonating with your customers? Maybe the call to action your ad wasn’t piquing people’s interest?

You’ll just never know unless you’re willing to drop another $1,000 and make some changes, and now that first $1,000 just feels like a waste.

With digital advertising, you’ll get that feedback after you spend $30-$100. You’ll know if it’s working and if it’s not working, you’ll have relevant data to know why it’s not working. Maybe the picture wasn’t resonating with people? Maybe the copy wasn’t grabbing their attention? Maybe the offer you’re making isn’t valuable enough for people to click on when they’re on Facebook or YouTube? Maybe the page they’re going to from the ad is taking too long to load. There are lots of different possibilities, but you’ll know if it’s not working early on and you’ll have metrics to help tell you what isn’t working.

You’ll see how many people saw your ad. How many people clicked on your ad. How many people clicked the link in your ad. How many people liked, commented, shared your ad. Then if you install the Facebook and Google ads pixels on your website, you’ll also be able to see if people from the ad fill out the form their supposed to, or if they purchase something on your website, or if they booked an appointment. That way there’s no guesswork involved in knowing if your advertising is helping your business grow.

Thirdly – Digital advertising allows you to advertise to specific people

You don’t have to settle for carpet bombing with radio and television. Instead, you get to create your own audiences that will have the greatest affinity with your business.

You can have an audience of everybody who lives in a certain city or everybody in Canada. You can have an audience of only people who are interested in automobiles and collecting things. That smaller audience of people will be much more likely to show interest in your business and then you won’t be ‘wasting’ your budget showing your ads to people who won’t be interested in your business which will help your budget go further.

Not only can you target people based on their age and location, their demographics, their interests, or what other things they’ve liked on Facebook. You can also target people based on what video they’re currently watching on YouTube, what category of videos they’re currently watching on YouTube.

We’ve all also had the experience of being ‘followed’ around the internet with ads for that fancy dog collar you were looking at on Amazon. Well, you can do that too! If you’ve installed the Facebook pixel and the Google ads pixel on your website then you can show ads to the people who were recently on your website to remind them about you and your business. Maybe when they were on your website they didn’t know about a special deal you have on, or maybe they were just getting into the car and couldn’t contact you yet. Now you get the opportunity to initiate another connection with them while you’re still fresh on their mind.

All this helps you narrow down your targeting even further which can greatly increase how far your budget can go.

Those are my three biggest reasons why digital advertising is such a great opportunity for small and local businesses. You’re not locked into spending a big chunk of cash. You’re not forced to keep running an ad that’s clearly not working. You’ll know exactly when your ad is working. You’ll be able to accurately target people who are more likely to be interested in your business.

So, if digital advertising sounds like something that might be a good fit for your business, you can schedule a discovery call with me just click here.