3 Pages You NEED on your Small Business Website! (Plus 2 Important Ones)

At Renaissance Digital Marketing we help small businesses create, design, and maintain their websites. These are the 3 + 2 pages that we make sure every small business we work with has.

1) A Killer Home Page

The home page of your website is the equivalent of your storefront or your offices.

It needs to be inviting to new guests.

It needs to provide trust indicators (cleanliness, good design, etc.)

It needs to answer the key question, how do you help people?

It needs to give a clear and low-risk next step. (a quote form, contact form, PDF download, etc.)

2) A Descriptive About/Services Page

Your about or services page is likely the first salesperson that your visitors will encounter and it needs to WOW them with some key information.

It needs to prioritize the benefits of your products or services.

It should be personable and as unstuffy as possible.

It needs to give customers a reason to contact you. (a no-obligation quote, a special offer, limited availability, etc.)

3) A Clear Contact Page

By now your potential customer considers you trustworthy (Home Page).

They also have a clear understanding of how you can help them and why they should contact you through your website (About/Services Page).

Now they’re ready to contact you from your contact page which needs to be clear about what information you need from them and how they should expect you to contact them in the future.

Create a custom contact form that asks for the information you need. (sizes, amounts, phone number, etc)

Include clear reasoning when necessary for why the information is required.

Tell the visitor how and when you’re going to contact them in response to their submission. (the sooner the better, like 5-15 minutes fast)

Have an automated confirmation email sent to them to let them know that their contact request was properly sent.

BONUS #1 – Pricing Page

This isn’t a page that makes sense for ever small business, but it can be incredibly powerful when implemented correctly.

Because a large number of visitors on your website are ‘price hunting’, adding a pricing bracket or starting prices when appropriate will help to weed out dud quotes and low-ball customers because they know what to expect from the start.

This page does require a VERY good about/service page to compliment it because visitors will now need to justify your pricing without engaging with you in person.

BONUS #2 – A Blog

This is a page that we recommend to every small business we work with, but it does take an increased level of dedication to be successful.

Blogs are really great at giving customers additional value and raising the level of trust that they have in your business before contacting you.

Blogs should answer common customer questions.

Blogs should be updated weekly (or monthly at the latest)

Blogs reassure customers (and search engines) that your business is active.

So there you have it!

3 Pages your small business website NEEDS to have!

Have a great day!