3 Digital Advertising Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)

I once accidentally shot a rocket engine at my face because I thought it hadn’t ignited yet.. It had… and now I know better.

You see, that’s the whole point of making mistakes. Learning from them so that now you can say, “I know better”.

Running advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube isn’t any different. It’s just that in the world of advertising, it seems more like a chore. And when it feels like a chore, you aren’t as aware of some of the mistakes that you might be making, much less figuring out how to fix them.

#1 – Asking for a phone call from the ad

Most businesses that are running ads on Facebook have spent years in business getting leads over the phone. Someone would see their ad in the paper, on the radio, or on TV and they’d be asked to call the business.

With digital advertising it’s a little different though.

With digital advertising, everyone has been trained to click the button on the ad if they’re interested.

When you ask someone to stop watching their video on YouTube, or stop looking at what their friends are eating for supper and give you a phone call. That’s A LOT to ask of someone.

Phoning a stranger is a difficult thing for most Millennials to do. That difficult is then made even greater by asking them to do it while they’re in the middle of another task.

How do I fix it?

Instead of making the goal of the ad to phone you, make the goal to have them fill out a form with their questions so you can call or email them back.

Setting up a form with your ad can actually be done from right inside Facebook using a lead form, or through a simple landing page software (a list of good options is attached to mistake #2 below).

The easiest option though is to just link to the contact page on your website. They fill it out. You follow up later.

#2 – Not having a dedicated landing page

This is another incredibly common mistake that I see businesses making with their digital advertising.

Similarly to mistake #1, this mistake creates a disjointed experience for the user after they click on your ad.

Say your ad is promoting a free quote for a new deck.

Someone clicks on your ad to find themselves on a generic contact form page.

What are they supposed to do now? They were told they’d get a free quote, but this doesn’t look like a quote form. Do they fill it out anyway?

Now, imagine that same use lands on a dedicated page, specifically designed for giving out quotes.

They’ll know exactly what to do, what information they need to supply, and how they’ll be contact with their quote.

How do I fix it?

There are 2 easy ways to fix this and create dedicated landing pages for your ads.

  1. Contact your web developer and tell them what you need.
  2. Use a ‘landing page’ creator to make a page yourself.

Obviously both options have merits.

Option 1 creates a page that fits seamlessly into your website and can have all the functionality that you need, but it’ll be expensive.

Option 2 will require a little elbow grease but will likely be significantly cheaper.

If you do decide to go with option 2, here’s a short list of great free and paid landing page builders.

#3 – Using the default messenger button

The third thing that I see quite often on small business ads on Facebook is them using the ‘Send Message’ button on their ads when the goal of their ads is to have people go to their website.

Again, this is a cause for customer confusion.

They’re being asked to go to a website, but the button is asking them to send a message.

How to fix it.

This is probably the easiest fix. In the ad creation settings, just make sure you pick a different button type.

Using a ‘Learn More’ button is the most common option, but there is a number to choose from that might better fit the goal of your ad.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all and are ready to leave your digital advertising in someone else’s hands or just want a second opinion on what you’re doing. You can schedule a Discovery Call with me.